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For those of us who elected to transform, in this one lifetime, from human to divine human, it can get dicey.  We can no longer relate to the 3D world any more.  That game is over for us.  There are fewer and fewer people in our life we can have a relationship with.  Yet, we have not yet established completely the relationship we desire with our eternal self, our own soul.

By design, we have the support of other like-souled people, at least virtually for now.  And those numbers are growing, but not to the degree that would feel like the rest of humanity gets it.

But we came in as leaders, way showers and teachers of the new consciousness.  That is by definition a rather solitary undertaking.  And by that I mean we are not going out there and connection with millions of others, high fiving each other in solidarity.

But then, we really never did feel like we were part of that world, the one in which there is no real recognition of the soul self.  We went through the motions, taking on an ordinary life, having ordinary issues, to familiarize ourselves with what the rest of humanity is going through.

And along the way, some of us got lost in that world, and forgot why we came here in this lifetime.  Some continue to play in duality, and some left the planet.

So there’s a core group of us left who are determined enough, stubborn enough, and crazy enough to stick it out and see what happens.

We are unique because we have gone through the worst of the worst.  We have broken down.  We have lost things, people, comfort zones.  We have faced the deepest and darkest of our fears.  Oh, make no mistake, we continue to do so to a degree, but we have traversed the underbelly of the ascension dragon.

And that’s why we can no longer relate to most others in our life anymore.  Unless they too have experienced this, we are on a different plane of existence than they are.  We can feel the chasm growing wider and wider.  It’s almost as if we have died, have come back in spirit form, and are waving our hands in front of these people, but they can’t see us.  They are thinking of us, of our former self before we died.  But they simply can’t see or relate to the new version of us.

And that’s appropriate.  Why would they?  They are following their path, and are just where they need to be.  We were there, too.  We couldn’t see things right in front of our noses because we were not ready.

Drawing by Maria Chambers


The awakening process is like a pyramid.  At its base, the beginning stages of awakening, there are millions of people.  They are in honeymoon phase, in which they are attracted to various books, modalities, and teachings.  They are excited that there is something more than this existence, and they can’t wait to spread the word.

You find many others you can talk to, philosophize with about enlightenment, ascension and being on the spiritual path.  You feel like all is possible.

As you move up the pyramid, you are deeper into your process, and things in your life begin to break down, and you are confused.  You thought that being spiritual would bring you from 3D reality right to better health, more abundance, more love and life would just get better and better.  In fact, that is what the teachings seemed to espouse.

You know, think positive thoughts, and good things will come your way.

But, as you move up the pyramid, things seem to get worse and worse.  Maybe your health fails, you lose your job, you lose money, relationships go away.  You discover, as you find various sources of information, that this is a natural part of this transformational process.  That we need to release anything that is not compatible with our newly forming consciousness.

Quite a few people leave the planet at this point.  They are not willing to go through quite so extreme a transformation, having their comfort zones ripped away from them.  Some who stay chose to slow down or stop their process.  Instead they remain in 3D, keeping busy, staying in drama.

As we move up the ascension pyramid, even more people fall away.  We are more solitary, have less interest in relationships that are based on the old duality.  And now we have the next challenge.  To face our deepest fears.  To face our doubt, our sadness, our depression, our guilt.  Our anger.  Our boredom.  To accept those in ourself.  Not to run from them.  To understand that these emotions are not who we are.

And we are beginning to invite our soul in more deeply.  Which helps to offset the loneliness we are beginning to feel.  We begin to taste the joy of our soul.  We are experiencing in a tangible way, what it is like to be here in these bodies on this earth as our soul.  Even if it’s just glimpses for now.  We realize things do not have to be resolved physically or emotionally before we can experience spirit in action…that feeling of passion for simply being here as our soul.

So we ascend further, and we feel even more profoundly the chasm between us and our family, friends, community, humanity.

At this level, there are even fewer fellow-pioneers.  That’s because to get to this place one has gone through a deep transformation on many levels.  They are committed to themselves TOTALLY.  They are not so concerned with what anyone else thinks of them.  They are the most important relationship in their life.

Not too many people are strong enough to make that commitment.

But at this point, you recognize who you are, and that you have everything you need within yourself.  You know that the training wheels are off.  You are becoming the self loving, sovereign and joyful master.  You really do not need the rest of humanity to get it.  The loneliness is slowly replaced with a feeling of fulfillment at the deepest level.

Drawing by Maria Chambers

And you recognize it’s not so much a climb as an unfolding.  In fact you could turn the pyramid upside down, because it’s more of a going deeper process, than a going higher process.  You realize it’s not about struggling but allowing.  And you also know that you have paved the way for the others who follow.  It will make their opening up to spirit easier.


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Source: Ascension: It’s LONELY At The Top (Or Is It?) | Soulsoothinsounds’s Blog


2 thoughts on “Ascension: It’s LONELY At The Top (Or Is It?) | Soulsoothinsounds’s Blog

  1. I am in the ascension process, and right now its just the way i feel, thanks for the uplifting article and because now I can allow it to unfold without fear of struggle.
    Much Love


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