Schrödinger’s Öther Cat: That Tree on the Hill

Folks, we here at SOC had a meeting and nearly all of us are weary of people asking (not here, but elsewhere) about WW3 and Trump and Chaffetz and Hillary and the bing and the boom… so tired in fact that we’ve made a group decision to move on in our hearts and minds. We’d like you to join us.

We’ll still be here to help, but note that our attention has now turned UPHILL, to that tree on the hill. That tree knows you. We’ve hiked up to the tree lots of times and sat with our backs against its bole and given the illusory world exactly what it deserves: nothing. The world is an illusory and insane chattering monkey whose current sound and fury truly signifies nothing.

So… let’s all move on. If enough of us stop paying attention to a world of bombs and mind-control and RV and cabal and body issues and separation and all the rest of the maddening disinfo dreck rocketing down the Internet’s virtual streets every picosecond, then… it will cease to exist, at least for those who choose not to go there. A new world will open up for those who choose this path. It is there waiting for you. One of the M’s has already seen a good-sized group of little bubbles rising UP. (How’s that for mixing metaphors?)

So, close your eyes, ground and protect, find a tree on a hill, grab a bubble and join us above the fray. You can’t hear it up here. In the next few months, we may point out various this-and-thats along the way, but only that which is positive and self-affirming and interesting. Anyway, think about it. Some of you are already there.

We could look at this all day.

Source: Schrödinger’s Öther Cat: That Tree on the Hill


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