The Adventure of the Conscious Creative (part 1)

Stories of magic and mystery permeate our cultural history, and have fascinated children and adults for untold generations. Fairy tales and mythologies are full of examples of powerful people who have the ability to generate new objects and realities out of thin air. The archetypical figures in these legends live in our collective consciousness and populate our dreams.

There is a nugget of truth hidden inside these tales. The magicians in these stories are ordinary people who have discovered an incredible power. They know what all of us should know—we are natural magicians. We should know this because it is a truth that is all around us: we modify our environments and create the world in which we live.

~ Excerpt from Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity 

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Parallel Mind,
The Art of Creativity

the (missing) manual for your right brain

The Creative Life in 365 Degrees

Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, Motivation, and Comfort for the Creative Soul


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