I awoke to my mission 4 years ago…

[Editor’s note: a wonderful description of awakening…]

I awoke to my particular mission 4 years ago with the activation of my lightbody, and began what has become a personal labor of love clearing and transmuting energy on the astral plane and repairing the earth energy grids.

I awoke to a full on hallucinogenic (no drugs) vision quest where I connected with the ancient shamans and I was able to have full clairvoyant vision through my pineal gland into these timeline fractals from both the linear past and probable futures and interact with them. It was fascinating!

I became aware that this lightbody of mine was a multi-dimensional vehicle and that I (or we, that is me and my monadic entity) had made a soul promise/contract to help the earth ascend.

My pineal gland stays wide open 24/7, and when I close my 3d eyes, this lightbody unfolds, reaching out about 50 feet in all directions around me.

It looks like thousands of feathers that twist and turn or literally fly as it appears like a huge flock of birds (I finally found a picture of it from the ancient Mayan ruins).

The material of these feathers I can only describe as like a very flexible “graphite” which magnetically attracts the energy, spins and reshapes it, changing it molecularly. It’s amazing!

What drives the lightbody is a series of words and tones sung at different octaves which I can hear, and I finally figured out they were coming from my own vocal cords.

I can feel the electrical connection from my brain to my throat. When I look down at my body in the Astral, it looks amazingly like pure light.

As we move through the Astral Plane and across the earth energy grids, we are repairing DNA, transmuting and reengineering dark energy, thoughtforms and everything in between.

We go into these time fractals, clear the energy and collapse the timeline. This has been an ongoing investigation and as you can imagine, we have encountered everything from alien implants to occult sacrificial alters.

The DNA has been badly mutated which is why we have so much disease. Also as we know, energy is alive and it communicates. This has greatly impacted our cellular memories.

It’s amazing to watch the energy respond in relative joy to our arrival, it all knows exactly what to do and is very lovingly transmuted and released.

It’s all so very important, and together we’re weaving and creating the very tapestry of ascension.

As you know, there is no ascension manual and we’re all learning as we go, because Spirit loves the journey and never gives us all the answers.

It’s ours to discover and create.

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Source: What Do You Do?


3 thoughts on “I awoke to my mission 4 years ago…

  1. I wanted to thank the publisher of INFINITE SHIFT for reaching out to me and posting my story as it is important that we start connecting with each other and honoring the syncronicity that brings us together. Please feel free to contact me at lightworker11.cl@gmail.com.

    (L)iving (O)ne (V)ibrational (E)nergy


  2. Hello beautiful ascension team members! If anyone would like to see a picture of what this transmutational multi-dimensional lightbody vehicle looks like in astral realm as I described above in my awakening story above, type in https://goo.gl/images/PYA4Kq on your browser. I found this picture among the ancient Mayan relics. All those feathers I described!! This is their depiction of the beloved Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. Obviously these ancient civilizations knew so much more about the true nature of reality within the multiverse because they were connected vibrationally to the sacred wisdom of both heaven and earth. As we are discovering there is so much more to our world beyond what our eyes can see that is just waiting to be uncovered and revealed to us through the awakening of our divine presence to ancient memories of ourselves aligned in love throughout all time and space.


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