The Butterfly and the Cocoon

A child is a being who is as yet unaware of the reality system in which he finds himself: you cannot give a child an electric saber saw to play with or allow him to play in the busy street. The child is reliant on the parent to give him defined boundaries. A child needs limitations so that he can learn in a controlled and protected environment.

Too much freedom too early results in a spoiled child who cannot handle responsibility. A child is dependent and needs a parent so that he can grow into an adult. All good parents want their child to grow up, or and learn to handle responsibility; as the child handles more and more responsibility, they can handle more power and opportunity.

A parent who does not want his child to think for himself and become an independent individual, would, in effect not want him to grow up, or lose his dependency on the parent. Despite his age, a parent like this is not truly an adult.

A child that chooses to remain dependent and powerless is an aberration of nature. All things must evolve: advancing on the natural spiral of evolution to realize another state of being, or rather, another, finer, state of consciousness.

An adult is one who has learned to be responsible and handle the power that comes with the state of adulthood. Real power is personal power—not power over anyone else—and it is intimately connected to the ability to handle responsibility. The graduation to adulthood is a vibrational shift, and it is why the two elements of responsibility and personal power must be connected, dancing around each other like the Yin/Yang symbol.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

* * *

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