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For a week now I’ve been writing this post in my mind; there is so much to say!  In all likelihood, this will take more than one pass, so let’s get started.

The solstice coincides with entirely new energies. This has been said at other points, yet today the evidence of the influx seems to have pushed through the veil. It is showing up in my every day.

I don’t have to watch world events or read someone else’s report to validate this. There is a 3D sense of this change. It is felt right here, right now.

As witness…

  • The day of the solstice, I was physically vibrating. Each time I stood still I could feel it. I was out with my partner and we were waiting in line. I mentioned it to him and he said “Yeah, me too, all day.”
  • Last Saturday, 6/24/17, around noon Central US time, I was rocked off of my feet with the incoming energy. I was preparing food and had to stop, and sit until it passed. I reached out and asked what was going on. I was told that I was experiencing a powerful surge of energy, and that I’d have to adjust and expect it to happen often now; this was only the beginning.
  • When I close my eyes and I’m not meditating, I sometimes see people. They are human looking, and not seeing or speaking to me but distinctly there. They show up outlined in the gray/black of my closed eyes and as I focus on them (if that makes sense), become more defined.  They aren’t in color, but faces and bodies are clearly outlined. I have no sense that they are aware of me. I believe they are visible due to the thinning veil.
  • This video (click here) was shared with me.  It is, I feel, hard evidence of our power; the force of our collective intent.  In it, you’ll hear a discussion on how our global attention on the sun HAS QUIETED IT DOWN. Think about that.
  • I saw another video.  It was either Kryon or Alba Weinman. There was a phrase in it that stuck with me.  The topic was our new earth, and when discussing how it would appear, there was a reference to the force of our collective and individual power in that we would be “falling into our expectations”. Absolutely we do.
  • This note was received from Inelia Benz after I wrote this post. I am including it here as it is more validation for the current change. Here is a quote from her note, “This is BIG. This is the biggest change in our timeline I have detected since I was born. The power of this field of awareness and the power of intent (high frequency experience on Earth) is massive!”
  • Finally, I feel consistently happy.  I am typically optimistic but this is different. This is perhaps the deepest level of “evidence” I have. It springs from within.

With these things in mind, let’s go places we like. Ah hell, let’s go places we love. There’s a reason this shift is skewed towards the feminine/receptive part of our brains. It’s because with feeling we inspire our creations. Until now, the controllers had the edge on manipulating our life.  They did this with fear. That fear was necessary in order for the slavery mindset to be sustained. Fear needs to be the first thing to go. Let it go.

I have this idea. What if we released a picture of the current bank names, changing them to the names of the family that ran them? Instead of paying interest to JP Morgan Chase, a corporation, see yourself paying it to Mr. Rockefeller, another human. It would not be inaccurate, and it could alter a fundamental construct that allows this debt system to continue with our compliance. Debt is fraudulent at its core. We are equal.

At the heart of these ramblings is this. We are in new territory. This incoming vibe favors constructive, positive action and expansion. Let’s utilize it to speed things along.

Without limits imagine joy. See peace. Feel beauty.  Breathe passion. Hear “yes”! We are in a place now that absolutely supports our emergence.  Notice. Believe. Expect. Intend. We will then see it everywhere.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for ~ let’s do this.

With so much love,

Source: Sophia’s Blog


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