The Inner Child and the Higher Self

The Inner Child is the pure being that is your Higher Self, but it is ignorant of the ways of duality, matter, and the weird upside-down world that we live in. Our parents on this Earth were intended to be loving guides that protected and sheltered us as we learned the ropes of physical existence. But instead, the conditioned and enslaved minds of our parents—and nearly everyone around us—are only capable of reinforcing a system that enslaves all of us.

…To realize the power and full potential of a spiritual adult, it means that you understand the true meaning of freedom, equality, respect, and responsibility. And that means that you have outgrown the dependency and irresponsibility of childhood, and are ready to step into the full consciousness of spiritual adulthood.

…If you believe the ends can ever justify the means, you are still controlled.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

* * *

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Unplug From the Matrix The Avatars of Eden

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