The Truth of Your Being

[The Oracle points to the Latin phrase “Temet Nosce” on a plaque over her door]
The Oracle: You know what that means? It’s Latin. Means “Know thyself.” I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Being The One is just like being in love. No one can tell you you’re in love, you just know it.


The original human is like a diamond that has been encrusted with a thick layer of carbon. The carbon crust was built up from the lies that the Controllers promulgated to us for eons.

This crust can be chipped away to reveal the eternal diamond of the natural man underneath.

When the obscuring dark layer is finally gone, the man will be revealed as the powerful being that he has always been. And although he can always choose anything he wants, I believe that the free, original Human will always choose love over fear, respect over control, and personal sovereignty over domination.

The base of the new Eden will be formed out of respect and love. Not the kind of respect that is actually a veiled threat—the respect that the Controllers and their minions demand—but respect that comes from an understanding of true equality. Unconditional love starts with a realization of what it means to love oneself. This is not to be confused with selflessness or sacrifice, which are convenient concepts that prop up the Matrix of the Controllers.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

* * *

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