The Enduring Legend of Eden


This book is the sequel to a book I wrote in 2014, called Unplug From the Matrix, which depicted a Matrix-like world of domination and control.

The Avatars of Eden proposes an alternative vision; a future of peace, harmony, and abundance for all, embedded in our minds as the ancient legend of Eden.

* * *


Our great mother does not take sides, she protects the of life.

~ Neytiri, “Avatar”

* * *

The Enduring Legend of Eden

The ancient legend of Eden is based upon an older universal myth, an idyllic place of timeless beauty, a Paradise, sometimes called the Otherworld.

In ancient Egypt, the Otherworld was called Aaru, the reed-fields of ideal hunting and fishing grounds where the dead lived after judgment. The Fortunate Isle of Mag Mell was the Paradise of the Celts. In ancient Greece, it was the Elysian fields; a land of plenty where the heroic and righteous dead hoped to spend eternity. The Eden of the British Isles was an island named Avalon. In Tibetan Buddhism it is called Shambala; a core concept that describes a realm of harmony between man and nature, connected with the Kalachakra or “wheel of time.

Eden Foretold

Every culture describes their version of Eden as a place of peace and plenitude. This story is a universal archetype that tells us that we once lived in harmony with nature, and can do so again. All the legends agree on one thing: Eden isn’t just a story from the remote past, Eden is our destiny.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

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