Lunar Eclipse and Lions Gate, a 2 Part System of No Return!!

[Editor’s note: an amazing article; worth reading.]

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Happy Independence day to everyone.  Ok so the big hoopla in the USA is nothing but pure illusion, but a very pretty one every year, at night, on July 4th.  That said, keep Independance as your inner and outer theme for this whole month of July.  No the illusion, not the expectation of what it means in the mental mind, but full on Independance thru your soul.  Because, the soul needs your independence to get work done!!  It is really no different when you look at the city, state, country you live in and all the rules and expectations, the laws set down by men, to have you do their will.  Our ego has been the same, it is the governing body of your Life experience… until you declare and work towards Independance of it All.

We are all at the final crossroads of choice!!

Thru all the readings yesterday…

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