The Quantum Explanation

The running of a random computer program, or a good card shuffle, allows synchronicity free play. And it allows the mind to peer behind the curtain of the holographic universe to see how consciousness creates reality, as in the famous “double-slit” quantum experiment, where the expectations of the viewer influenced the (apparent) outcome of the experiment.

Quantum mechanics is a form of physics that is subject to the rules of consciousness, rather than to the rules of density or physical matter. Consciousness rules the world of the subatomic; it is the energy behind the world of appearances.

The quantum nature of consciousness and the way the mind is geared engenders the eventual realization that there is no such thing as empirical reality; because without the existence of an objective observer who can stand outside the experiment, there is no chance that an objective reality exists. It would mean that there is no tree that can fall in the forest without someone to hear it fall, or more precisely, without someone to expect it to make a sound when it falls.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

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