The Power of Your Intent

The implicate or sea of awareness was known to ancient mystics, and alchemists; it is what the mystics might refer to as the cosmic mind stuff; it is a sea of consciousness that underlies everything else. In the Tarot the quantum implicate is represented in the card The High Priestess, while the explicate, or unfolded order is the world of appearances, represented in the next card in the Major Arcana, The Empress. The Empress card represents the natural world of matter — Newtonian physics. The world of the senses is the result of the energy, or rather the potential, underlying the form, the quantum implicate represented by The High Priestess.

The Tarot teaches the principles of the universe and what happens with the application of directed consciousness in the first seven cards of the Tarot. The Tarot allows us to tap into this awareness through our intuitive interpretation of the images on the cards.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

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