Holy Shift! – Energy Report | Ascension Energies

Tiffany Stiles

Solar Flares, CMEs & Geomagnetic Storms. Stay grounded beautiful souls! Heart chakra, third eye and crown expansions going on. Breathe through it.

It can feel like anxiety, but it’s not. Rest, and the less communication the better today as irritability and impatience are dominating.

Remain heart centered and balanced. Feel the love expanding in your heart’s electromagnetic field and anchor this higher frequency within, ground it, then breathe it.

I will Highly recommend staying in this weekend, as this type of energy signature sets people off who aren’t aware of what’s going on within.

Unpredictable behavior is to be expected from those who still subconsciously sleep. This energy is what shakes people awake!

~Tiffany 💖🍃💖

Source: Holy Shift! – Energy Report | Ascension Energies


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