Are You Experiencing Ascension Symptoms? Here Are the Most Common Ones and Remedies for Relief : Conscious Life News

The planet is being electromagnetically altered so that all beings can be plugged into it once again. Grounding the energy as it is filtered through our sun to our bodies is most important as we continue to get stronger and more frequent waves of energy. This energy has gradually increased over time in order to keep from blowing a circuit breaker in our bodies. If a person is not grounded, they can crash and burn and fry out, like the electrical plugs in a house. If the electrical currents are not matched up, the body could eventually be destroyed.

The nervous system in the body is the key to opening up portals to ancient wisdom. It allows the connection with the higher self in order for a person to remember they are, where they came from, and where they are going. The nervous system must be able to take the photonic current into the body, transduce the high energy, and to fit it inside the body.

Higher expressions of a person’s soul makes a connection and helps to open the portals as a person grounds themselves into the planet. Committed carriers of light have an opening in their auric field. This opening forms a pillar of light and allows guardians to come and help with the transduction. The nervous system is a highway within the body and can only move at the rate at which you can process the data over the cells. Many are still cleaning out caverns that are filled with darkness.

The photonic electrical current we are receiving runs through our bodies via chakras, which should be spinning wheels of light. If the chakras are blocked then we may not feel like we have any energy and may begin to experience ascension symptoms. Conscious effort in clearing the chakras with various healing techniques is the best way to get through this period of intense clearing. It is also necessary to work on clearing any stuck energy in the emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies that surround the physical body.

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Ascension Symptoms and Remedies

The following are some common ascension symptoms that people are experiencing, along with methods that have been proven to help. Do not hesitate to seek medical advice for serious conditions and always listen to your own intuition when it comes to taking care of yourself.

Symptom: Ascension flu: As the chakras expand, the energy within the body begins to break down the toxins and flushes them out through the blood. As the blood is carried throughout the body, it is not compatible with the new energy signature, and can cause you to feel like you have been hit by a Mack truck. Aches and pains can cover the whole body and fever can get quite high. This feels worse than the common flu and may or may not be accompanied by congestion in the lungs.

Remedy: Rest! Let the body do its job of flushing out harmful toxins that may have been accumulated for years. A week of lying in bed is better than not making the shift with the planet. Cold lemon spring water with Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is great to assist your body and you can alternate with hot lemon water with honey. Strawberry and banana fruit smoothies will give your immune system the extra boost it needs. Supplementing your diet with fortifying enzymes will assist your body with the flush. Fruits and raw veggies are a great source of enzymes. Take a bath with a ½ cup ofHimalayan salt and ½ cup baking soda at least once a day, and rinse off with a quick shower afterward. The salt and soda help to draw out the toxins and the salt will replenish the salt that is lost through fever. Add essential oils to the bath to boost yourimmune system.

Symptom: Chronic headaches and/or tingling scalp caused by the opening of the crown and third eye chakras.

Remedy: As with all of your chakras, there could be a block of energy flow or something causing the inability of expansion of the chakra. Headaches that encompass the whole head can be attributed to the crown chakra and head aches between the eyes that seem to go all the way to the back of the head and neck can be attributed to the third eye or pineal gland activation. Ask your spirit guides and angels to help regulate the amount of energy you are receiving in order to alleviate the pain. Peppermint oil and ginger tea are great natural remedies for headaches. For pain between the eyes, acupressure massage can be helpful. Feverfew supplement from the sunflower family has been shown to be effective in relieving migraines. Tingling scalp is a symptom that can be easily remedied with a good set of fingernails- massage gently with love.

Symptom: Dizziness and the “floating” effect: If you feel dizzy, your hearing gets muffled, and you begin to feel like you are floating, then you may be about to lose consciousness, or temporarily leave your body. If you are standing fully erect you run the risk of injury by fainting and falling down. This can be caused by an energy flux and/or dehydration and symptom stress.

Remedy: To minimize injury from fainting. Immediately sit down when you are hit with this dizzy or floating feeling. Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths. Intend for you to ground and stay in your body. Drink a few sips of cold spring water and be sure to get up slowly.

Symptoms: Nausea, gas, bloating, irregular bowel movements, and diarrhea can be caused by the opening and clearing of the solar plexus chakra. Toxins and emotional energies are foreign to the body, and therefore are stored in the intestinal lining for a lack of a better place to store them. Karmic ties are also released through the bowel system of the body.

Remedy: Bach Rescue Flower Remedy is a good natural essence to assist the intestines. Aloe Vera juice in a smoothie or mixed in with water is also good to soothe and cleanse. If the symptoms persist, it may be a good time to do a natural cleanse supplement that can be taken in pill form or can be added to a smoothie in powder form. Natural fiber such as psyllium husk can also slough off the intestinal wall and can be added to a smoothie.

Source: Are You Experiencing Ascension Symptoms? Here Are the Most Common Ones and Remedies for Relief : Conscious Life News


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