God, the Devil, and the Tarot

Someone once defined God as a principle of wholeness, and this is the best definition that I can find; it supports the ideas found in the symbolism of many ancient philosophies and esoteric knowledge worldwide, and in the images of the Tarot itself (see the definition for the symbol CIRCLE). Since the Tarot shows us archetypical images of goddesses, angels, and devils that might seem to support certain beliefs, I think it is necessary to address what I see as the higher purpose of the Tarot. To do that, I will try to define as best as I can the underlying concepts and terms that are in this book.

The Tarot is meant to be taken symbolically, not literally. For instance, the Devil represents an archetype of the misuse of power: in the Tarot, the image of the Devil is the reverse of The Lovers card. The principle of Love shown in The Lovers/LOVE card, indicates a holistic awareness, inclusion, unity consciousness, acceptance, equality and abundance; the Devil is the opposite side of the coin, indicating a focus on a materialistic view to the exclusion of everything else. Believing in the Devil lends power to this concept of separation, thereby increasing the archetype’s influence. You give this concept life by believing in it and contributing your emotional power to it.

This is why the Devil card in The Tarot of Creativity is titled “The Shadow.” To Carl Jung, the archetype of the Shadow defines everything in yourself that you cannot see, or don’t want to see. It is an archetype that is understood the world over. Why? Because the creative system of duality requires shadow to balance the light. Or rather, the shadow defines the light as the light defines the shadow. A dualistic system creates out of the polarity of opposites; it can be no other way. Without the negative side, the system of duality would be like a teeter-totter that has only one side, or like a person trying to walk with only one leg.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr

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The Tarot Key
Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

Do it Yourself Tarot
The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Read the Tarot

The Tarot of Creativity
Deck of 78 Cards


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