The Divine Partnership

You can see the Higher Self as your playground monitor: a gatekeeper to outside influences—someone who has your best interests at heart. Tell your HS that you are now in partnership with it, and will follow its direction implicitly. Tell it that you want it to be the gatekeeper for you, and to only allow those beings that it deems in your higher and best interest access to you.

Another good way to discern who has your best interests at heart and who is trying to control you, is to ask yourself the following questions:


1. Does this interaction feel empowering to me?

2. Does it make me feel small, fearful, and vulnerable?

3. Do they respect my free will?

4. Does this interaction make me feel any negative emotion?

5. Do they acknowledge my personal power?

6. Does they entice my ego with promises of money or power?

7. Does this interaction appeal to my ego, i.e. telling me I am better than others?

8. Is this choice reflecting the universal laws of freedom, inclusion, free will, abundance and equality for all?

9. Do they make promises to take care of me—doing things for me that I should be able to do for myself, i.e. treating me like a dependent child?

10. Are they telling me to give up my power and responsibility to something outside of myself?

You can trust your intuition to give you the right responses to these and all your questions.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

* * *

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