Synchronicity: Your Higher Self is Trying to Communicate With You

“Synchronicity” was another unique term coined by Carl Jung. Synchronicity is the occurrence of two or more events that appear to be meaningfully related but not causally related. Synchronicity holds that such events are “meaningful coincidences;” it implies that, just as events may be connected by causality, they may also be connected by meaning.

Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see. ~Carl Jung

Man is compelled by his nature to search for meaning — he is compelled to make order out of apparent chaos. This organizing principle of the mind may be what creates reality itself.

Meaningful coincidences can be thought of as pure chance; but as they accumulate, as the correspondence becomes more exact and elaborate, their probability decreases and they become unthinkable, thus becoming impossible to be thought of as mere randomness, and lacking all possible causal explanation, one must see in said events a manifestation of order. ~ Carl Jung

According to mystics, reality was created by the cosmic mind as a mirror for the consciousness of Itself. The phenomenon of synchronicity that Jung defined is one of the ways for the connected nature of the underlying reality of consciousness to reveal itself.

In a game such as the Tarot, the natural process of synchronicity is given free play. The randomizing of the cards initiates the process, as you clear your mind of all preconceptions or wishes. Then as you deal the cards, you find that the cards seem to reflect an inner voice. The relationship of the cards to each other and their positions in the spread are all meaningful, and are interpreted according to knowledge and beliefs that you already have. When you put this together with the question you asked, the information becomes even more personalized, and intimately meaningful. Perhaps the Tarot should be called the “synchronicity game,” a device that allows the Higher Self to use the magic of synchronicity to speak to you in a language of images and words.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr

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