How I Learned to Read the Tarot

When I started to study the Tarot. I took a card a day from the Rider Waite Smith deck and memorized its number, image, title, number, and meaning. I held the card in my mind for the entire day. The next day, I memorized another card after I recalled the images and meanings of all the cards from the previous days. Like Alice in Wonderland, I found myself “falling into” each card as the symbols and archetypes on the pictures came alive for me.

Then, after I had thoroughly memorized the deck, I suddenly “saw” the Knight of Swords when I thought of a friend. The image on the card so completely summed up his character at the time that I was startled. The sudden appearance of the card in my mind stopped my train of thought long enough for me to see the connection. From then on, I have a hard time seeing this image without thinking of this type of energy. The Tarot had become a way for my Higher Self to communicate with me by using the images on the card to trigger my intuition.

The cards remained an intriguing mystery to me that I slowly explored as I started to do readings for myself. I recorded each reading in a notebook, in order to track my progress. I read for situations and people that had just entered my life. A couple years later, I found myself suddenly interested in numerology. I realized that the numbers on tarot cards are intrinsic to their meaning.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr

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The Tarot Key
Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

Do it Yourself Tarot
The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Read the Tarot

The Tarot of Creativity
Deck of 78 Cards


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