People of Distinction Interview | Parallel Mindzz

Aliyah Marr’s interview with Al Cole on People of Distinction internet radio station will air this Friday September 15, at 5 pm to 8 pm PST (8 pm to 11 pm EST).

In this interview, Aliyah talks about her work as a creative consultant for social entrepreneurs and shares her vision of how individual creative empowerment can spark a global transformation.

Listen to it on September 15, at 5 pm to 8 pm PST (8 pm to 11 pm EST) here:

Or here:

The iTUNES RADIO NETWORK is easily accessed by our listeners through iTunes Version (11&12)

Edit Menu > Internet > News/Talk > choose “PEOPLE Of DISTINCTION.”


People of Distinction is a unique show giving high profile people the opportunity to talk not only about their great public accomplishments, but also notable aspects of themselves as individuals… what motivates them to create the things they do, their special goals and interests, their insights into life itself. In a nutshell, what we can offer all men and women to uplift our lives and give a piece of our personal legacy back to the Human Family!

Source: People of Distinction Interview | Parallel Mindzz


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