Multiple Reality Systems

For several years now, several reality systems have been in close proximity to each other. In early 2012, it felt like it was suddenly “The Wild West”—many different versions of reality were shoved into the same space—it was the beginning of a huge “chaotic node.” Everything was together in one space, from apocalyptic disaster to a harmonic world of peace and love.

These chaotic nodes—or juncture points—offer us the opportunity to start to consciously choose our thoughts and emotions instead of dropping into emotional reactivity. As we choose to be non-reactive, and deliberately select a higher vibrational response in each moment, we become “response-able” for the reality that we are creating.

Each choice that comes from the heart sets us more firmly in the world of our desires, rather than the default world of social agreement—the old Matrix of control and domination. Conscious choice renders one sovereign. Sovereignty is a crucial attribute of an enlightened being.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

* * *

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