The New Glands of the New Human Emerge as Light. Also, Reboot Coming!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

new glands

Wow what days we are in!!  The energies are so high and I will say once again, so unforgiving!!  They are forcing us, in one way or another, to take a last look around and make the changes we need, as we as, explore the unexplored.

The closer we get to the energy of the solar eclipse on the 13th, the higher the voltage we are receiving to ignite, germinate and at times, completely fry what we are seeding into your next new reality phase.

As I attempted to do some ET connections yesterday, they showed us a very important moment in our time.  July 26th thru the 27th.  I seen it as a massive dip in the energy fields, very much U shaped.  We are at the top of the U and will return to the top of the U as we move thru the lunar eclipse on the…

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