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Function of Carbohydrates?

The main functions of carbohydrates in the human body are: energy production, energy storage, preservation of muscle, and promotion of digestive health.Energy Production Your body is made from cells – more than a trillion of them. These cells work around the clock, twenty four hours a day, to keep your body alive and functioning. They have our backs and we gotta have theirs by fueling them well. Just like a car, our cells need fuel and many cells prefer the carbohydrate glucose as their energy source. Some cells such as red blood cells rely completely on glucose for their energy needs because they don’t have a mitochondria (the site where fat is metabolised). The brain is also very sensitive to low blood-glucose levels because it almost solely depends on glucose for its source of energy. So it is really important that you take in enough carbohydrates to meet the demands of your cells

Source: Carbohydrates -Back to Basics ‹ TNH ‹ Reader —


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