Particle energetics on all levels merge with the Ascension timeline


Particle energetics on all levels merge with the Ascension timeline.

Ferrules of Abundance are sown.

Lightnings encapsulate the hesitant… movement begins.

Flashes of Inner Brilliance are received and applauded.

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Trust the timing

2020 Spiritual Vision


It has been bam, energetic, busy yet on point.  So it was interesting to feel stillness/neutrality/a pause as I meditated today.  There’s also a bit of releasing some pretty random, old and negative thoughts.  Like where did those come from and… no worries.  While one could discern on them (hidden gems everywhere), it may be just as easy to let go/they served.  I share this since…

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Time is transitory as such in your dimension. What you know as time is in transition to your planetary body and your solar ignitor. It is always a case of movement very similar to your clock’s position and reference points but moreover, magnetic flux and points of reference to the location and celestial positioning. Note that your very solar system is on a great wheel of time like the gears in your older time pieces all imputing reaction and sequencing of space and time. The very clock you use to measure time is the circle based on mathematical degrees you term 360. Note that your Earth world travels around your Sun at a time of circa 360 units and this is what you base your time on. It is relevant to motion of cycles in its orbit and each of your planets has a different sequence of time based…

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DIVISION B. THE NATURE OF THE SEVEN COSMIC PATHS.It should be carefully borne in mind that when the term PATH is used, it is simply an energy term, and streams of energy are indicated,—seven streams which blend and merge to form one Path.  It should also be noted that the Adept Who undergoes the discipline and who passes through initiatory rites which will enable him to tread those seven Paths, has transcended colour, has passed beyond the veil and has expanded His consciousness so that he is at-one with the conscious life of His planetary Logos


An Ancient Tool for Self-Realization

The Tarot is an ancient tool for self-actualization that gives you to access a vast library of intuitive, innate knowledge that may be otherwise inaccessible to you. From the view of the scientist, you are using the visual side of your brain—the right hemisphere—when you look at the images on the cards. An anthropologist or art historian may see that you are digging into a long-buried treasure house of cultural clues. A psychologist would immediately see the archetypes in the images of the Major Arcana.

The study of the Tarot is a deep probing into the nature of the deeper reality that underlies all things; an attempt to understand that which can never be completely understood by the rational brain. The depth and breadth of that knowledge is simply much vaster than the human mind can comprehend. It is our nature to seek a single all-inclusive answer for all the questions that constantly elude us, but failing to find it doesn’t stop us from seeking it. The Tarot is the search for the Holy Grail — the well of creativity, wisdom, and personal power that lies within us.

The Tarot is a magical work of art that changes with each viewer, and with each reading. It is a map of human consciousness that is responsive to the degree you are open to what it has to say to you; it teaches you more about you every time you read the cards, even if you read for someone else. Collectively, the cards are an interactive spiritual book of ancient wisdom. Each card is a door to information that slowly reveals itself to you over time.

It takes the same qualities to be an artist that it takes to read Tarot: openness, intuition, an understanding of symbols, and general visual literacy. The images on the cards show a fluid landscape of symbols and universal archetypes that are surprisingly modern and timeless in their import. The Tarot is us: it is the seeker and the sage, the answer and the question, the quest and the Grail, all at the same time.

The Tarot asks the same existential and universal questions that mankind has asked since the beginning of time: What is out there beyond our senses? How can we access our true creative power? And how can we understand, align, and create with the forces in our lives?

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul


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The Tarot of Creativity
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Thoughts create waves. Some are in balance and some wave forms are discognitive conditions upon the world amplified with the new magnetic field vectors. Therefore, collections of people amplify stasis of perception and realities of their mass. In these times of the Proton Belt or Nebulus fog that your solar system is passing through in your cycle through the galaxy, many and most of your thinking will be manifested. What is delivered by your thoughts and feelings create your ‘wishes’ as you know it, or choose not to know it. Be aware, for now is the time to be very selective of the people you are in and among. This is why those on the path of ascension are in a quickened state of change and flux, for your light bodies of the Earth are all vibrating at a very accelerated rate.

Your planet is recalibrating and your bodies are…

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Exhausted and Exalted

Editor’s note: a wonderful article about what it is like for those of us on the forefront of the wave.

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

Image by Maria Chambers Image by Maria Chambers

Sometimes, as I observe the people I know, their lives seem quite ordered.  Things seem to be going along pretty smoothly.  My friend, Larry is traveling with his hubby, to exotic places, and he’s excited to talk to me about his adventures.

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Equinox Activation in Balance

Divinity In Us Blog - by Gabriel F. Duran

We have been blessed with additional higher frequency energies that have greatly increased our various 4th density attributes. Those that have the “Clair” abilities, i.e. clairvoyance, clairaudience and so forth, should notice that these energies/abilities have increased. There is some integration that must occur, as a result, though. What does this mean?

When we are given these high frequency energetic “waves”, we have to “clear” what does not serve, in order to gain from these “new” energetic benefits. In other words, this “forces” us to confront some energies that we may have been neglecting. If we have a perceived “weakness” or “misconstrued” belief; these may be coming forward to be released and let go of.

The amount of time and the process we go through to release these, is entirely our own. For we are each unique and Divine aspects that are individuated. So, take note of what works…

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The Next 30 Days Will Be The Most Intense Energy Yet

Editor’s note: great article. If you are having Kundalini symptoms, email Dawn at she can help.


The next month is going to be crazy energy coming in as we are building up to the event. This blog is going to be a bunch of random information as it has been so long since I have written. The big news is the earth went 5D on Sept 12th. I had a client contact me to check her energy as the people around her were acting strange. I went to check and my pendulum went crazy. It has never acted like that before it was swinging in wild circles uncontrollably. I asked what was up and was told to go outside. I went outside and the earth was in 5D. I have been to the 5th for brief moments myself. So I knew what it should look like. In 5D everything looks crisp and clearer. Colors are more vivid and there are more of them. The difference is…

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Scientists Find ‘Super-Earth’ in Vulcan’s Star System from ‘Star Trek’ – Era of Light

A “Super-Earth” exoplanet has been discovered ‒ exactly at the location described in “Star Trek” as the planet Vulcan, the homeworld of one of the sci-fi franchise’s most well-known characters, Spo…

Source: Scientists Find ‘Super-Earth’ in Vulcan’s Star System from ‘Star Trek’ – Era of Light

3D Printing A New Knee Joint


The meniscus, a wedge-shaped piece of cartilage, acts as a “shock absorber” in the knee. Each year, 1.5 million people have surgery to treat meniscus tears in the U.S. and Europe. The people most affected are athletes and the elderly.


Although the most common surgeries, which remove or repair the torn meniscus, can relieve symptoms temporarily, meniscus transplantation is still the best long-term option. However, like other tissue/organ transplantations, this treatment includes many fundamental limitations such as a shortage of donors and the risk of disease transmission. Moreover, managing the supply chain of the transplantation system, which involves meniscus allocation, procurement, testing and transportation, is difficult.

Dr. Li Zeng, an assistant professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University, recently received an Operations Engineering Award from the National Science Foundation for her 3D printing-enabled meniscus transplantation system research project. The research project began in 2016…

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Intended Negativity – Now Just not Possible

Helios Journal™

Rewired in My Sleep

Something interesting happened recently.

I had my usual veggie dinner. Had my evening online meetings with my teammates located elsewhere on the planet. Took another shower just because I felt like it. Did some pre-bedtime stretches, exalted in the loopy physical sensation that this stretching provides me recently, and then lay down to bed.

I spoke into the darkness, thanking this life for the wonderful day, expressing my gratitude that I am indeed alive and here to witness all this wonder and beauty. I recited my end-of-day “prayer”:

“I accept and receive all planetary work and healing done on my behalf, my lineage, all aspects of my being. It is done, thank you.”

Then I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Sometime later I awoke. But something was different.

I’ve long known that sleep for me was in a sense more “pure” than my…

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Hanging in the balance

aisha north • water speaks • channeled images


A pause. For breath.

Between summer and winter. Winter and summer.

Night and day. Equal.

Perfectly balanced. Motionless.

So you shift your own weight. Way forward.

Because you know.

Imbalance equals motion equals progress.

(Reposted from 2017)

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2020 Spiritual Vision

Just a quick checking-in lights and loves.  How are you doing…?  Aren’t you glad we’ve been well prepared and been practicing for some time now… otherwise these past few weeks – whooo!   The upgrades, realities and energy. 

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Equinox: Orion Stargates


Starate_001_1000Funny how as the Moment  of Balance between Light and Dark approches with The Equinox , we get to experience the two ends of the Light Spectrum in our own space of existence . While the continuous Solar Light Downloads continue take the Buzzz to higher and higher octaves in the Crown and Ears , Lightbody upgrades and olfactory (smell) upgrades on one hand , there is the constant reminder lurking in the background to clear cleanse protect. While this clearing certainly extends to densities/ traumas/ karmic debris  of the converging timelines we have been experiencing for a while and The Akashik Revamp…those more in tune will also be picking up other  vibrations that need clearing for the collective….the vibrations of the opposite end of the Light Spectrum …

Intrestingly, Each time I intend to connect to the Equinox Portal I’m taken to the Galactic Meetings taking place currently with…

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September 2018’s Equinox Gateway: Surges Of Physical Energy & Further Light Energy Causing More People To Believe.

Michael C Murdock - Divine Light Phases

large vector warningAbstract blue background        circular-clouds-sky-texture-thumb27       Abstract blue background

CHANCE OF STORMS: NOAA forecasters say that G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible late on Sept. 22nd when a solar wind stream hits Earth’s magnetic field. The gaseous material is flowing from an equatorial hole in the sun’s atmosphere. We believe a storm is more likely the next day, Sept. 23rd. Either way, the first auroras of autumn are in the offing.

AURORAS AND THE HARVEST MOON:The Harvest Moon is coming on Sept. 24th. It could be greeted by a display of Arctic auroras. NOAA forecasters say that G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible beginning Sept. 23rd when a solar wind stream is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field.

September 2018’s Equinox Gateway & The Energetic Relief

Last week I wrote an article about how all of the September 2018 energies were causing great clearings – as well as great purification’s on…

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The Journey of the Fool ~ Part 4

The Fool walks through not just the Major Arcana, which symbolize the “higher” path of spiritual mastery, but through the other cards in the Tarot. He travels through the Minor Arcana, the four suits which each represent a different path of Earth-based mastery. The Fool nears the edge of the cliff but his eyes are on the sky, as if he has a vision of a totally different reality. He is so innocent to physical reality that he doesn’t comprehend that he might fall. A little dog that represents socialized consciousness nips at his heels to try to warn him of the dangers of his foolishness. Jumping off a cliff is certainly foolish in the eyes of “normal” people, but the Fool comes from a place where physical, or social rules don’t apply. The Fool is looking up, he has a vision.

What is the vision of The Fool? He desires to become The Angel or Perfected Man. His task on Earth is to remember his original, perfected Self while in physical form. He came from a state of perfection, and his job is to “re-member” or reassemble himself back into perfection while experiencing duality.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr


* * *

The Tarot of Creativity
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Whaa? [UPDATE]

Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat


We have no idea what’s going on.



Ok, the M’s looked at this, and said it’s (yet another) timeline shift; a new timeline’s come on. (For those new to this blog, the CATs are of two varieties: M’s or “Meowracles,” who are 10X psychic than the rest of us — and who hate that term, “Meowracle,” btw; and CATs, who are also psychic, but not as advanced. There’s more to it, but we can’t tell you till after The Event.)

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2020 Spiritual Vision


Yes… I could say that much is going on now and… that it can also be a quiet/peaceful/sublime time.  Many are feeling a personal pulse and embracing/working through/clearing what they need to.  So it can feel like a wtf/ready to give up/challenging time.  There’s also been a wave of energy…

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Separations for the next phase are completed


Separations for the next phase are completed.

All energetic ties to the past are cut.

Higher Light enters.

Strengths are amplified.

New pathways begin.

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Task #1: Merkaba Meditation

Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat


We’re going to jump right into this. We have a new (actually very ancient) meditation to show you, one that may open other clairvoyant gifts for you.

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Algal Oil: A Vegetarian Source of Omega-3s and DHA – Dr. Axe

We know omega-3s are crucial to our health. It turns out, algal oil is an even safer source of omega-3s and DHA than fish oil. Here are the benefits of algal oil.

Source: Algal Oil: A Vegetarian Source of Omega-3s and DHA – Dr. Axe