633 Divers Just Set the World Record for Largest Ocean Cleanup After Collecting 1,600 Pounds of Trash

A massive group of eco-friendly scuba divers have just set the Guinness World Record for the largest underwater cleanup.

Source: 633 Divers Just Set the World Record for Largest Ocean Cleanup After Collecting 1,600 Pounds of Trash


British engineer builds a house with (almost) no heating | TreeHugger

Max Fordham’s house is “simple and practical” and mostly all natural.

Source: British engineer builds a house with (almost) no heating | TreeHugger

Pope Francis asks oil companies for a ‘radical energy transition’ | TreeHugger

“We must take action accordingly, in order to avoid perpetrating a brutal act of injustice towards the poor and future generations. It is the poor who suffer the worst impacts of the climate crisis. [We require courage in responding to] the increasingly desperate cries of the Earth and its poor.”

Source: Pope Francis asks oil companies for a ‘radical energy transition’ | TreeHugger

Howitzers of Light come to the fore



Howitzers of Light come to the fore.

Premonitions fulfilled.

The Light has “won”.

Markers are in place for future generations of Energy workers.

Articles of the Galaxy are written.

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Your Divine Being

Your Divine Being, in its original state of consciousness—is connected to everything, even while in the illusion of duality, and in the density of matter. This Being realizes that there is nothing outside him, realizes that he is equal to all, and lives inside his creation in a state of respect, love, abundance, and freedom. Once all people realize the nature of true equality, no hierarchy exists, and there are no limitations either.


Any philosophy, religion, organization, or person that does not allow you to remember your innate wholeness, experience self-love, acknowledge your personal sovereignty, and give you and everyone/everything the respect due to equals isn’t one that has your best interests at heart.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

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Unplug From the Matrix The Avatars of Eden

Money and Desire

I have a clear vision of what is happening right now and I keep on seeing the doors opening up for me. It is a strong and rather abstract visual.

As long as I relax, things flow. The minute I “try” to do anything the energy stops. So I have stopped trying and just gravitate towards what I want in each moment. Since the energy is such short bursts, it takes practice not to think of the past “blocks;” or fall into the trap of thinking that anything I am doing now is supposed to go anywhere or produce visible results. The important thing is to do what I call “follow the energy” of one’s own desires; although my desires may be small at this point, it makes for good practice.

I have a lot of pans in the fire (things I want to do), but I have learned not to talk about them since they seem to come and go like the energy in these times. I am also learning to distinguish between a true desire and an egoic desire.

One way to make that distinction is to explore how direct my desire is.

For instance, a friend told me today that she knows what her desire is: money! This is a direct desire.<

Of course, she knows why she wants the money and how she will use it. An example of an indirect desire is to want money so that I can have a house. Unfortunately, this means that the money I desire becomes an obstacle to gaining the ultimate desire.

In other words, I have to have money in order to have the house, and then I get directed down the avenue of conjecturing just HOW I will or could get the money I need. Like this:

Desire —> || Money || <—> House

The desire for a house is blocked by my ideas about the money that I think I need to get one. Putting money in the middle between my desire and the object of my desire establishes an infinite loop (a belief, or mental confabulation) about how the money I “need” is related to my desire. The loop keeps on going between my ideas about both concrete objects (money and the house). In other words, the pure energy of desire cannot get through my concretized beliefs.

More importantly, I must not be conscious of having any needs. This is not because of any spiritual practice. Having needs puts you squarely in a survival-based consciousness; a lower form of awareness that has no faith in the energy directing your life. A higher consciousness has no needs because it is connected with the infinite which takes care of everything, delivering what you need before you are aware of even wanting or needing it.*

Now, I can work it two other ways. I can go directly to the house without money or I can go directly to money.

Desire —> House

Desire —> Money —> Anything I want

The second way might be preferable because I have to deal with only one belief (money) instead of two (money and house). Also, the pure desire for money allows me to change what I want as I change. Money as the abstract concept that it is, actually allows me to be more fluid, a state of being that I am (re)learning as I float in the stream of my being.

I find it interesting to explore my relationship with money. Here are some ideas:

1. It is OK to desire money for money’s sake
I have thought for a while that it was somehow not OK to desire money. I had to justify why I needed the money with what good works I would do with it. Like I was applying to a grant. LOL. It feels very freeing now that I know that I can desire money just for its own sake.

2. Money isn’t a virtue or a sin

Those who have money aren’t necessarily exploiting others, nor are they being rewarded for being “good.”

3. Having money won’t change me for the “worst”
I will still be a good person, but it doesn’t really matter whether I am or not. Social mores don’t apply when you desire and won’t affect the delivery of your desire unless you believe that they will.

4. Money is an abstract concept which represents stored energy, nothing more
Money is actually a neutral energy, it just has the charge we put on it. We can use it. All people can use it however they want. This is good because it allows us to play the game of desire with something abstract.

5. No need to feel indebted or guilty
It can be used however I want. It doesn’t have to be attached to anything or anybody. There is no implied debt (forgetting that it is a fiat note for the moment) or need to serve anyone. It can serve me without me feeling guilty for putting someone else in servitude or gratitude to me.

6. Money doesn’t have to come with a reason attached
You don’t need to attach anything to money. It can just appear for no reason. You don’t have to work for it, deserve it, or even desire it for it to come to you.

7. Money has been maligned
Like most of us, money as an energy or concept has been misconstrued, misused, and maligned. It is only WHAT we think it is because WE created it. When we think of it negatively we block it and malign it at the same time. As long as we abuse our creations we abuse ourselves. We have to stop the negative blocks and learn to love.

8. I LOVE money!
Give yourself permission to love the world, and you can love money for money’s sake. Think of all the amazing, wonderful, creative ways you can spend it!

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Coaching / Creative Consulting

Tarot Reading

*I have noticed lately that there is almost no time lag between the time I ask a question and the arrival of the answer. I get the answer BEFORE I ask the question sometimes.

(Image by Peter H from Pixabay)

The Bubble of Space-Time

Oneness created duality as a bubble of space-time. The wall of the bubble is a prism that splits the pure white light of Love into three rays, colors, or principles when it enters physical reality:

BLUE: 6th chakra/head/air element. The unifying nature of love.
Equality unifies people without homogenizing individuals or ignoring distinctions. In a civilization with true equality, government is not necessary. A healthy society rules itself.

GREEN: 4th chakra/heart/water element. Love for diversity and difference.
Respect allows for all kinds of diversity. The French say it well: vive la difference, meaning “let’s celebrate our differences.” Respect for diversity recognizes the sovereignty and free will of the individual; it is an expression of love for difference and variety, an understanding of the divinity in duality.

RED: 1st chakra/root/earth element. Love for and connection with the Earth.
Equal access to resources makes a utopian society possible. When you have everything that you could want, the drive to have more than you need goes away. Only a glutton keeps on eating when he is full. Greed disappears when the survival instinct is superseded by the higher vibrations of generosity and sharing.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

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The simplest, cheapest way to get magnesium

The simplest, cheapest way to get magnesium is to drink magnesium chloride in a solution of 33g/liter of boiled, cooled water, kept in a glass container. It tastes like sea water, which in a way it is.Oddly enough, magnesium chloride of pharmaceutical purity is sold “for external use”. Disregard that notification. I have been taking it for almost a year now, and it made my arthritis difficulties disappear.It is not a new therapy either: it has been published about in 1915! by Dr Pierre Delbet. Just google:delbet magnesium chloride

Source: Beware Of This Mineral Deficiency That Can Hurt Your Bones And Overall Health (Hint: It’s Not Calcium!)

Beware Of This Mineral Deficiency That Can Hurt Your Bones And Overall Health (Hint: It’s Not Calcium!)

Today’s post is about a mineral deficiency. This mineral is crucial to your bones, but it’s just as important for your overall health. In fact, it’s so vital that a lack of it can produce symptoms that mimic serious illnesses, and it’s so common that around 80% of the population suffers from it. Yet the Medical Establishment doesn’t recognize it, leading to frequent misdiagnosis.

Source: Beware Of This Mineral Deficiency That Can Hurt Your Bones And Overall Health (Hint: It’s Not Calcium!)

7 Minerals and the Signs that You Could Be Deficient

“Three Main Causes of Magnesium Deficiency

Source: 7 Minerals and the Signs that You Could Be Deficient

Symptoms and Side Effects of Mineral Deficiency

…Minerals are an interesting case. They are inorganic elements found in the earth’s crust, but these often must be combined with organic molecules to become usable by the human body. Many are toxic in the forms found in soil, but absolutely essential in the forms created for us by nature in order for us to survive…

Source: Symptoms and Side Effects of Mineral Deficiency

Adrenal Fatigue Recovery with Salt Water Cleanses | Synchro

Step One: Morning Salt Flushes

The morning salt flush is essentially just drinking a big glass of moderately-salty water immediately after getting out of bed, followed by a big glass of lightly salty water.

For the first glass of water, I do ~30oz of (high quality) water combined with 1.5oz of Himalayan salt brine (see recipe below).

Drink this first glass relatively quickly.  For the second glass, use 30oz of water to 3/4oz of brine (4.5 tsp).  Take your time with the second glass, but do finish it before you put any other food or liquid in your body.

Alternate recipe:  1.5tsp of granulated himalayan salt is approximately equal to 1oz of brine.  So you can stir 3tsp of granulated salt into 32oz water for a full-on flush -or- 1.5tsp into 32oz water for a non-flush dose of salt and minerals….

Source: Adrenal Fatigue Recovery with Salt Water Cleanses | Synchro

Rebirth Full Moon I | jbuss Astrology

Stephanie Austin’s biweekly EcoAstrology Updates for today points out that…

“We are still integrating the intense downloads of stellar gravitational waves which impacted the Earth and all of us on April 25 and April 26.  Gravitational waves create distortions in space-time and are generated by immense cosmic events, like supernovae or the collision of two neutron stars…  Gravitational waves affect us on all levels…”

Source: Rebirth Full Moon I | jbuss Astrology

The Law of Free Will

The Earth plane is unique in that emotions get full play here. Free will allows all. And we can all can enjoy the Ferris Wheel of Karma and Drama as long as we want, returning for experience after experience; one life experience as the victor, and the next as the victim.

The Earth is a smorgasbord of emotions, thoughts and experiences. But we forgot that we have choice. We got lost in the Theater of Duality, and forgot that every role we assume, every identity that we carry, is not our real selves or, more precisely, it is not the totality of ourselves.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

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OM Chanting ✧ 528Hz ✧ Miracle Tone for Positive Transformation ✧ Chant Daily

You’re a Shining Star…. | Soulsoothinsounds’s Blog

Source: Just a little down time…. | Soulsoothinsounds’s Blog

June 17th Full Moon in Sagittarius. Make Wild Love and Manifest Abundance! – Monika Carless Author *Intuitive Coach

This full moon brings clarity and focus which allow us to deliver on our intentions to the universe.

Source: June 17th Full Moon in Sagittarius. Make Wild Love and Manifest Abundance! – Monika Carless Author *Intuitive Coach

Stackt, an instant shipping container shopping and entertainment spot, is built in Toronto | TreeHugger

Sometimes shipping container architecture makes perfect sense.

Source: Stackt, an instant shipping container shopping and entertainment spot, is built in Toronto | TreeHugger

Enlightenment is a Place Called “Eden”

Eden is more than a place, it is a frequency, a higher level of awareness. Since the outer form is always a reflection of the inner state, when we change our frequency, we experience a reality that corresponds to our new vibration. The structure of the Matrix is based on the lower vibration of fear, Eden is based upon the higher frequency of Love: fear produces constrictive cages of limitation, while Love produces freedom and creative expression. Eden is the natural experience — the home — of the enlightened man who lives in harmony with the planet and with other men. In order to return to Eden, we need to remember our true origins, before the “fall in consciousness.” We have to remember Love.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

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Unplug From the Matrix The Avatars of Eden

Why There Were Recent Holes Discovered In The Milky Way Galaxy – In5D : In5D

Editor’s note: a very interesting article for those that are scientifically-inclined.

There was some very powerful activity discovered recently by scientists who study cosmological activity in the universe. It was theorized that these “bullet like” holes that ripped through the Milky Way galaxy could have been the result of dark matter. I do work in evolutionary cosmology and the evolution of consciousness; where the Paradigm Shift is concerned. The Paradigm Shift is a term that philosopher and physicist Thomas Kuhn discussed in his work. My work is a continuation of this activity in universal evolutionary development; especially where planet Earth is concerned. Dark Matter is matter contained in the universe that human consciousness cannot directly observe because human consciousness has been in somewhat of a rudimentary state of evolutionary development where the Higgs field is concerned. The reason this matter seems dark is because the electrical activity in the brain isn’t experiencing the transfer of energy in that powerful of a way from the activity of the Higgs field. The universe contains a lot more matter than what scientists are familiar with; but they just can’t directly observe this because of the limited transfer of energy from the Higgs field.

Source: Why There Were Recent Holes Discovered In The Milky Way Galaxy – In5D : In5D

Matthew’s Message, June 14, 2019

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Always the purpose of our messages has been to offer enlightenment, spiritual guidance and encouragement during this unprecedented time in the universe, and at times encouragement is needed most.

“I would love to believe in the existence of a fairer, safer saner world and finding and reading your posts had given me hope, but it just seems it is getting worse. with the political state of the world and the people in charge, the push for vaccinations, the fear, the introduction of 5G, all things that make my head spin and give me nightmares about what the next years will bring. there is no intelligence in the world that i can see, so i don’t know how this paradise on earth will ever manifest in my lifetime. it seems the dark forces are still extremely powerful and cannot be stopped.”

We want to dispel the apprehensive outlook of this dear soul and others who have expressed their feelings about world affairs in terms that include unconscionable, frightening, ominous, dangerous, alarming, and insane. What you are seeing is the revolution aspect of evolution—awakening peoples are revolting against long-prevailing injustices—and this revolution does notinclude more wars.

The ever-intensifying light is pushing to the forefront of the world stage all activity based in dark intentions so the individuals involved are placed squarely in the light’s high vibrations. If they continue to refuse the light being beamed in abundance, neither they nor their activity can be long sustained. The same principle applies to both—without sufficient light, the intention of an activity and the bodies of humankind cannot survive in the high vibratory levels of the astral planes into which Earth is steadily ascending.

Because those individuals with dark hearts and minds have used almost all of their bargaining chips to no avail, they are struggling mightily to keep a toehold on their greatly diminished power, so upheaval will continue for a while. We know that you would like “a while” put into a specific timeframe, but that cannot be done with any accuracy. It is not only the difficulty of assessing linear time in the timelessness of the continuum; much more so, it is the countless free will decisions that are shooting into the collective consciousness every second and moving the “time” yardstick in the energy field of potential to sooner or later.

What we can tell you is, the dark ones are gently accepting that their time of controlling life on Earth is over. But it is! And, as you observe their futile struggle to cling to their last remnants of influence, please keep in mind what we told you some time ago—it is as true in this moment as it was then:

Planetary vibrations will strengthen and advance only endeavors that best serve Earth and all her life forms; anything to the contrary cannot be long-lasting.

Hard-won rights and progress in social justice cannot be dismantled. It is not the destiny of Earth’s peoples to go backward, but to move ever forward toward peace, mutual respect, cooperation and life in harmony with Nature.

The world where life is like that and the planet is restored to health and pristine beauty—the world you are helping to create in linear time—already vibrantly exists in the continuum.  [December 9, 2016]

Now then, not all lightworkers’ soul contracts call for living in that far finer world during this incarnation—some of you chose to move on to more evolved worlds that offer ringside seats for watching Earth’s Golden Age unfold.

Not only will you feel gratified by having helped Earth’s civilization manifest that Age, but by volunteering to participate in this grand unique venture, you leaped forward in spiritual and conscious awareness. You will rediscover innate capabilities that aren’t available to you in this moment, and when the Golden Age is in full bloom, when Earth once again is an Eden paradise, you may choose to return and have a long joyous lifetime.

Beloved brothers and sisters, rejoice about Earth’s future—remember, it is thriving gloriously in the continuum—and the next chapter of your immortal life!

“Exactly what is going on ‘behind closed doors’ that gives us any reason to feel hopeful about the world our kids will inherit?”  It is behind closed doors where progress is undeniably apparent, not yet to the world, but to us and to the international group of individuals who have been designing resolutions to complex issues that are global in scope.

They are acting in concert to remove the last pockets of Illuminati influence, reconcile conflicts, fairly allot the vast wealth of the world, and establish a governance that serves all peoples equally. In short, the group is setting in motion the structural foundation of the transformed world that the light is enabling the society to manifest.

“My friends and I are afraid of losing the choice to have a baby or an abortion if we become pregnant. It’s none of the government’s business or anyone else’s when we decide to start our families, but we want to know if abortion is against God’s laws.”  No—God’s laws pertain only to the orderly workings of the universe. Abortion would not be a legal, religious or political issue if people knew what a member of an eighth-density civilization told my mother many years ago:

A soul does not need a body for life itself, as that is inherent in the essence of every soul. It is only for experiencing physically what cannot be without some mass for functioning that souls choose to have a body of some sort.

Among your people, there is a great misconception about “life” and the difference between a soul and a body. You have a process called “abortion” that some believe is the destruction of a new life, and there is argument about when a soul enters a body being formed in the womb. No soul’s life ever is destroyed by ending the formation of a developing body. Bodies grow independently of souls through the natural laws of physical mechanisms reproducing in accordance with the cellular programming of each civilization.

Souls are not restricted to incarnating in a specific civilization. A soul’s spiritual evolutionary status automatically puts it within a certain vibratory level, and it chooses a civilization within that sphere that can provide the experiencing needed for its advancement. The greater the spiritual evolvement, the higher the light station within which a soul may choose the civilization for embodying, or living as a free spirit member.

Souls whose spiritual growth needs are within the third density of Earth or other placements of similar vibratory status have a number of choices regarding bodies. They may reside around the parents even before conception takes place, and after conception, they may enter the fetus to experience that growth sensation. If that kind of experience isn’t needed, they may remain “outside” for other kinds of experiencing prior to the birth, but with a soul contract “claim” on the developing body that other souls respect.

If a soul enters a developing body and then reverses that decision, the woman experiences a miscarriage. A soul may inhabit a developing body until imminent birth, then decide not to continue in that body and a stillbirth results.

Also, a soul may make one of those decisions, experience what it requires emotionally, and in agreement with another soul, will exit and the second soul enters until miscarriage, stillbirth or live birth occurs. A soul with a “claim” on a developing body may permit another soul to reside in the body to experience the growth and birth sensation, then that soul leaves and the first one takes over the physical life.

These various situations always are by agreement with all souls involved, which of course includes the parents and any other family members, and the purpose is to permit chosen experiencing to several souls at the level they need. Abortion, like all the other stages from prior to conception through a viable birth, provides opportunities for the participating souls to experience the attendant emotions that fill voids in their experiences to that moment.

Thank you, Mother. Because those truths are not known and feelings about abortion around the world run the gamut of emotions, controversy about this issue will continue. Ultimately, it will be decided that people who feel abortion is wrong will abide by their convictions and people who want to choose what best serves their circumstances will have that opportunity without legal opposition. We add that when the peoples have considerably advanced spiritually and consciously, conception will happen only when parents desire, just as it does in evolved civilizations where reproduction is by sexual union rather than mental focusing or cloning.

“Terrorist attacks on synagogues and the brazen neo-Nazi movement have made me feel afraid for my Jewish friends. How did anti-Semitism start and why is it on the rise?” It started prior to biblical times with jealousy and resentment of successful Hebrew businessmen, and that was fueled by the false claim and subsequent Christian belief that Jews’ betrayal of Jesus led to his death on a cross—as stated in previous messages, the crucifixion did not happen. Anti-Semitism continued down through the centuries for those reasons and more recently it also may stem from how Zionism, which began harmoniously and cooperatively with Palestinians well over 100 years ago, has evolved.

The control of Israel has been taken over by war-mongering individuals who descended from the Khazars, a fierce tribe that used Judaism as a means to unite the various tribes they conquered as they spread west. A few of those individuals are in the government and many more with the same aim are working outside of it, and all are in the Illuminati’s top ranks; they never have served the best interests of Israelis or Jewish people anywhere else in the world—their forebears instigated pogroms in European countries and the Holocaust. But by labeling “anti-Semitic” anyone who opposes their treatment of Palestinians or their provoking conflict with neighboring countries, these individuals gained the international support that expanded their power. A long-time goal, one of many they never will reach, is making Jerusalem the Illuminati headquarters from which they would rule the entire Mideast.

Like all other forms of darkness that have shred the fabric of Earth’s civilization, the destructive effects of anti-Semitism and all other forms of bigotry and suppression have been put under a global spotlight. That exposure is why Muslims, Christians, and nonreligious persons rallied in solidarity with Jewish congregations. It is why women worldwide are making inroads to ending the culture of male dominance, and it is lessening prejudice and discriminatory action aimed at Muslims, homosexual and transgender populations and indigenous tribes. These attitudinal changes are of immeasurable significance—the society is taking action to right the wrongs.

This is happening in response to the feminine energy pouring in to balance the masculine energy from which all forms of oppression and bellicosity have risen. In no way are we demeaning masculine energy or exalting feminine energy. Both have strong qualities, and when the two are in balance, they complement each other and produce the high vibrations that enable a civilization to evolve. Now that the energies are coming into balance on Earth, the vast majority of the population is inspired to make the far better world they want, a world where no base aspects of humankind’s nature exist.

“I despair about so much in this world that needs to be fixed. The homeless, hunger, poverty, demolished cities, damaged environment—I could go on and on. It’s so discouraging that money is spent on space exploration instead of improving life here on Earth. Could Matthew please give us his opinion about this?”  Our opinion of anything in your world would not be given any consideration whatsoever by your decision-makers, but we happily offer it to you, dear lightworkers.

Every civilization needs visionaries who look at the stars and yearn to know what is “out there.” Without visionaries there would be no discoveries or enlightenment, no inventions or innovations or advancement of any kind. Indeed, a great deal needs to be fixed in your world, and all of it can be—shall be!—accomplished side by side with space exploration. The latter will be far more enjoyable than prior projects—members of your universal family will be technical advisers and tour guides—the light you are radiating into the world is helping to bring that day closer.

All light beings throughout this universe honor and support you with the unlimited power of unconditional love.




Suzanne Ward


Brave New You | Walking In Both Worlds

Shifts happen all the time. This one feels a bit bigger than most. June 17, 2019, keeps jumping to the front of my brain. I know June 2019 is a really big deal, just because we are finally getting …

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