The Paradox of Surrender

Love is the mother energy that surrounds, supports, and maintains all dimensions and all physical reality. Like a current of light it pushes against every barrier, seeps through our closed eyes, flows around and caresses our physical form. It is present in every atom. But as long as we believe in the illusion of separation, we stand like impassive stones in the stream of Love.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

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Carl Jung and the Tarot

Jungian psychology contains a few key concepts that can be used to show how the Tarot might work. Carl Jung coined the term “archetype;” he believed that there was a collective conscious shared by all peoples, no matter their native beliefs or culture; archetypes are the universal fruits of that consciousness. Archetypes are very powerful symbols that directly communicate with a part of our brain that deals primarily in images — the right brain. Each image holds a great deal of non-verbal information which is much more accessible and direct than verbal or written language.
~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr

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The Tarot Key
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Stargate Activated: Gateways Open for Embodiment – Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution

Lakshmi Vishnu - Star Seed - Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner - Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher - Spiritual Channeller - Lightworker

sun-and-moon-art unknown artist


Stargate Activated: Gateways Open for Embodiment

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Our Gateway week is upon us. Gatekeepers opened for the influx on SUNday, and the energies increased immediately. This is a powerful and transitional stargate for HUmanity, which will greatly affect those engaging with Solar Cosmic Christ embodiment. This massive stargate portal from the Great Central Sun is a highly encoded geometric template. The Gateway of this week – beginning on the 222 (February 22) will trigger aspects within the new HUman templates, and launch many of you into a stronger experience of the Cosmic Christ.

In December we received the vision of a timeline division this year, which appeared as DNA splitting the higher and lower realities. The 222 also presented as a turning point – a cosmic click in the combination lock – and our first trigger that would align us…

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Sophia’s Blog – Sophia


We are tired. There is a sense of having finished what we came to do; perhaps a feeling of completion. Or rather, maybe, a thought that says “We did all that we came for.  We found each other and gathered and wrote and spoke and produced content to share and spoke and became the light that we remembered we were. It is time to go now. It is no longer up to us.”

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How Does the Tarot Work?

How does the Tarot work? I have to admit to being a skeptic in the beginning. I even created my first deck without any belief in it or any real experience with the cards. I thought the Tarot was for credulous fools. But after I created the Transformational Tarot computer game, I tested the programming by running a few readings of my own: the results were eerily accurate. When I posted my game online, people wrote me that their readings were the best they ever had.

But my rational mind balked at the evidence. I had to explore the ideas of consciousness and quantum physics to arrive at an answer. (To explore the relationship between mind and matter read The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.) Obviously, the random program I had designed was influenced by the people running it, or perhaps the subconscious of the player was choosing to translate the reading in a more meaningful way than was possible in a completely random environment. So, that meant that the random program was not truly random, or that meaning was being seen where there was none — or a third option: something else was at work.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr

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The Tarot Key
Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

Do it Yourself Tarot
The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Read the Tarot

The Tarot of Creativity
Deck of 78 Cards

Aim Higher, Embody More Light, Fly Through The Sun – HighHeartLife

One of the main things I’ve always hated about this Earth world reality, the one that Expired in December 21, 2012, the one you and me and all of humanity has lived our entire lives in up to this point, was that anyone could get in here! Sinners and Saints, geniuses and idiots, heartless and loving, sane and insane, honest and dishonest all incarnate within the same physical 3D Earth world reality together and all seriously rubbing each other the wrong way for eons. It wasn’t fair because the gaps—developmental, consciousness, spiritual, energetic, karmic, soul focus etc.—have been too great between all people causing most everyone huge and constant suffering on Earth.
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Choosing New Realities: the karmic template release –

As we begin our transition from the first (lunar) eclipse to the second (solar) eclipse of the season on the February 26th new moon, the tide is beginning to turn and we are all preparing to shift into a very different dynamic.

The full moon lunar eclipse certainly did it’s job of bringing up those familiar core wound patterns and in the process, each of us have been faced with some major choices…choices that are 1) determining our path to physical ascension and 2) will come to life more fully following the March equinox.

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Energy Update ~ DNA Activation & Reconnection to Our Inner Earth Star Soul Dimension ~ Feb. 18, 2017



By Henda, 02/18/2017

So much have been going on last night and earlier this morning
There has been a huge activation of our lower chakras
Hope you felt it
The energy was rising from the core of Gaia to our lower Chakras
The base the sacral and the solar plexus chakra

Our heart and pineal gland have been also re activated
And may be some would have headache
But it will be gone in few hours
Some have been experiencing some trouble with the 5th chakra
It is the way we are supposed to communicate that is being enhanced
So take time to breathe and relax
The energy was very vibrational and it was spreading through the bodies
I could feel it in my two hands and it was heavy with a buzzy sound

That is the frequency of Earth bathed now in the new lights surrounding her magnetic field…

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A Giant Galaxy Orbiting Our Own Just Appeared Out of Nowhere | 2012 The Awakening

Astronomers scanning the skies just got a huge surprise. They discovered a gigantic galaxy orbiting our own, where none had been seen before. It just came out of nowhere. So, just how did the recently-discovered Crater 2 succeed to pull off this feat, like a deer jumping out from the interstellar bushes to suddenly shock us? Even though the appearance may seem sudden, the Crater 2 has been there all along. We just never saw it.
Now that astronomer know it’s there, though, there are a few other crushing facts that astronomers discovered. First of all, we can’t blame the galaxy’s size for its relative insignificance. Crater 2 is so massive that researchers have already identified it as the fourth largest galaxy orbiting our own. We can’t even blame its distance, either. Crater 2’s orbit around the Milky Way puts it just precisely in our neighborhood.Milky Way, Image Credit: ESO / Serge Brunier, Frederic Tapissier via NASA

That being said, the question arises, how did we still not know it was there? A new research paper published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society from astronomers at the University of Cambridge has an answer for us. It turns out that, regardless of being huge and close, Crater 2 is also a pretty dark galaxy. Actually, it’s one of the faintest galaxies ever detected in the cosmos. That, along with some much perkier neighbors, let the galaxy that astronomers have nicknamed “the feeble giant” remain hidden from our eyes until now.

Now that we have observed Crater 2, nevertheless, the discovery yields some questions about what else could be out there that we are still missing. Astronomers are already talking about starting a hunt for similarly large, dark galaxies near us. It’s a good thing that there’s still so much about cosmos that we still don’t know.

This post was written by Umer Abrar. To contact the author of this post, write to

Source: A Giant Galaxy Orbiting Our Own Just Appeared Out of Nowhere | 2012 The Awakening

The Essene Community and The Emerald City!! | The Shift of Time and Energy!

I should have realized this time period we are in, the creamy middle of the two lunar eclipses, was going to be a pivotal point in our energies fields.  But I didn’t even think of it.  Hell I am hanging on for dear life watching this most amazing real-time show called… us in evolution!!!
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13.13 Hz Schumann Resonance: The Great Shift


Now in today’s post, I would like to share with you more about Earths 13.13hz frequency and the impact this has on our physical, emotional/mental and spiritual states of beingness.

13.13hz – Schumann Resonance

For thousands of years, the Schumann resonance biologic heartbeat of Earth has been 7.83 hz, but since the 1960’s, the Schumann Resonance has been steadily on the rise.
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Awakening The Feminine ~ Balancing Force vs Power ~ Feb. 17, 2017



Posted by SpiritLibrary, 02/17/2017

By Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. I am Merlia.

I have waited a very long time to come in and help to balance some of the energy on planet Earth. I am what the keeper calls a singularity, or singular aspect of what he has labeled as the group.  I am the one who holds the feminine aspect of this collective and yes, of Merlin.  It is that magic that all of you know and have known over the many lifetimes you have invested on Earth. I personally hold the flavor of light that you call feminine. I have expressed as a singularity to help the power shift that is about to begin on Earth.

Power: The Feminine Aspect

All humans are in rapid motion at this time, so please understand there is no one on planet Earth that is just taking up space. All…

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The Divine Awareness ~ We Are Each Expressions of The One Divine Unity ~ Feb. 17, 2017



Posted by aemedia, 02/17/2017

By Peter Borys Jr 

In the journey of awakening and transforming to our true being as a Divine soul emanating as a Divine physical body, we progressively generate the Divine harmonic frequency from our unique aspect of infinite unity consciousness. Our Divine soul exists infinitely and is experiencing the unity with all through points of reference.  We are each expressions of the one Divine unity.

The False Egoic Mind Loop and Exterior Inharmonic Frequencies

For thousands of years, humanity has been experiencing the Divine soul in the physical frequencies with a limiting false overlay consciousness.  This is the thinking mind and dualistic physical frequency that is a fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation.  Without this program, the Divine soul would perfectly express a unique Divine harmonic frequency through the body in infinite ways of love and creativity on Earth.  While the soul is…

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From Encaged to Outraged: “Horizontal Democracy” ~ Gary ‘Z’ McGee

[Editor’s note: a very interesting article that introduces a wonderful concept—”Horizontal Democracy.” Please read the note at the bottom to see if you can help the author.]
Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Staff Writer
Waking Times

“Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” ~Lord Byron

The system is not improving, it is not progressing. It is precarious and faltering, beleaguered beyond the capacity to fix itself. And with the orange-faced personification of bigotry, intolerance, pomposity, greed, hate and overreaching plutocracy at the top of the unsustainable pyramid, it has been found waiting, covertly fixed and stagnating.
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Featured Image -- 27199

And The Next Visitor To Antarctica Is…

Deus Nexus

Source: Giza Death Star

Ok folks, things just became even more bizarre regarding the Antarctica Strange Visitors Sweepstakes. May we have the envelope please… ?

And the next visitor to Antarctica is…

……….. The Russian Baltic Fleet! (Applause):

Ships of Russian Baltic Fleet to make voyage to Antarctica this year

…uhm… er… really?  I mean… really!?

Now, as I recall, the last time the Russians sent their Baltic Fleet on this kind of half-way-round-the-world junket was in 1905 during the Russo-Japanese war, whereupon Japanese Admiral Togo promptly sank it in the Tsushima straits. Of course, when it comes to the modern Baltic Fleet, the TASS article reassures us that this is all “perfectly” normal and just part of the Baltic Fleet’s usual schedule of voyages and drills and “showing the flag”:

Ships of Russia’s Baltic Fleet, one of the major regional divisions of the Navy, will make several long-distance voyages…

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Lisa Renee’s February 2017 Article – HighHeartLife

Lisa Renee


Dear Ascending Family,

Over the last several weeks, I have been aware of a large Universal Gate structure coming into view in our Solar System, which appears as a massive wheel with spiral spokes coming out from its center hub. It has recently become clear that this architecture is related to the Consciousness Corridors.  This is how beings will be routed into their placements or frequency match for the next cycle. What we are in Consent with largely determines which corridor we go through, and which timeline we align with moving forward into the next cycle. There is no better position than to be aware that this movement through trans-time is happening, and be able to consciously participate with it by intending to move into the most positive and highest expression for yourself and others.

As the bifurcation intensifies many things will be exposed that offer a new opportunity to assess what we are in Consent with. It is time to honestly assess what we are aligned with and whether or not we are participating with any individuals, group consciousness, or energetic forces that are aligned to something else, and begin to reconcile the differences. Over the coming months walls will be coming down that have kept the right hand from seeing what the left hand is doing. There will likely be micro and macro revelations that will make many people very uncomfortable, as they will no longer be able to deny a painful truth now in full view.

Source: Lisa Renee’s February 2017 Article – HighHeartLife

Separation of Worlds ~ Denise Le Fay

We’ve reached the point now (in 2017) where the Separation of Worlds is in full sway for everyone incarnate on Earth. We’ve been working our ways towards this major happening since the Expiration Date of December 21, 2012. For the Forerunners etc., we started that process on January 1, 2013 and it hasn’t stopped yet! But, the rest of humanity has now reached the point within the Ascension Process where they too now HAVE to and are aligning with (knowingly and unknowingly) the frequency/world/reality etc. that THEY themselves are a frequency and consciousness match with.

This is the proverbial sifting of the wheat from the chaff so to speak, except 10,000 times more complex, hence why they’re so many different “spokes” — Lisa Renee calls them ‘Consciousness Corridors’ which is a perfect term for them.

People automatically cue up vibrationally with whichever Consciousness Corridor that THEY are a frequency match to now and that’s where they are drawn to and where they will continue to experience “reality” at that level etc.

And this is why Team Dark does all it/they are doing now to lower people’s consciousness, focus, emotions etc. so they produce lower frequencies which means they’ll be drawn into a vastly lower Consciousness Corridor than they would on their own.

That is why this information is SO important for everyone and what’s really going on now with and to all of us. I’m working on my own article about this topic and more and will try to get it done asap.

Source: Lisa Renee’s February 2017 Article – HighHeartLife

Weekly Column and Horoscope February 15-21, 2017 | Night Light News

Esoteric Astrology as News

February 15 – 21, 2016

Conflict & Chaos Between the Ages

We are completing the month of Aquarius this week. However, Mercury remains in Aquarius and we are entering the Age of Aquarius (Ages last 2,500 years). So Aquarius will be with us for a very long time.

Aquarius (its task) is the “waters of life (information, truth) poured forth for thirsty humanity.” Waters (information) that end the “darkness” (of ignorance). This means an immense cleansing and change.

At this time in our history, we are in a state of transition between two ages – from Pisces to Aquarius. In times of transition, the previous age is withdrawn as the new age comes forth. Transition times bring great conflict, chaos, disruption and breakdown (as there is now). It is a very vulnerable time for humanity. Times of transition can polarize humanity, creating two different camps or states of (mis)understanding. Countries and nations enter into chaos, as one way of life disappears and a new way of life slowly emerges. Chaos & conflict result. Humanity learns through chaos and conflict. This is the Law of Ray 4 – new harmony emerging from conflict and chaos.

Drawing from a Hebrew book about the Jewish calendar, ‘Sefer Evronot,’ Halberstadt, Germany, 1716.

In transition times the sign Libra steps in, offering humanity balance, equanimity, poise, Right Relations, Right Thinking, Right Choice, Right Discernment and Discrimination. Libra asks us, especially in times of transition, to consider the Hindu word,
“Ahimsa”, which means “doing no harm in thought, word or deed.” Ahimsa means kindness towards all living creatures. Ahimsa avoids all types of verbal and physical violence. The Vedas (Hindu Holy Scriptures) tell us “by not harming any living being, one becomes fit for salvation.”
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February 2017 Energies: A Complete List Of Ascension Symptoms & The Struggle That Has Been Of Every-Day Life. – Mikael Cam – Divine Light Phases

February 2017: Set`s The Tone For The Year

February 2017: This month has been marvelous for us when it comes to (Integrating our Higher self into our Lower physical bodie(s), however it’s been very painful for everyone on a physical level. I know this, and you all: who are having this same physical experience, know this to. I feel the need to write this article at this time, and the reason is that we’re experiencing another (Huge Wave) and it’s no longer just the Front-Runners who have been doing this for years, even before I was incarnated and born into this realm. It’s also a huge majority of those who have just awakened to their own Ascension Process who are also experiencing this (Wave of Light integration) on a physical/molecular level as well. Why am I bringing this up now?
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