An Ancient Tool for Self-Realization

The Tarot is an ancient tool for self-actualization that gives you to access a vast library of intuitive, innate knowledge that may be otherwise inaccessible to you. From the view of the scientist, you are using the visual side of your brain—the right hemisphere—when you look at the images on the cards. An anthropologist or art historian may see that you are digging into a long-buried treasure house of cultural clues. A psychologist would immediately see the archetypes in the images of the Major Arcana.

The study of the Tarot is a deep probing into the nature of the deeper reality that underlies all things; an attempt to understand that which can never be completely understood by the rational brain. The depth and breadth of that knowledge is simply much vaster than the human mind can comprehend. It is our nature to seek a single all-inclusive answer for all the questions that constantly elude us, but failing to find it doesn’t stop us from seeking it. The Tarot is the search for the Holy Grail — the well of creativity, wisdom, and personal power that lies within us.

The Tarot is a magical work of art that changes with each viewer, and with each reading. It is a map of human consciousness that is responsive to the degree you are open to what it has to say to you; it teaches you more about you every time you read the cards, even if you read for someone else. Collectively, the cards are an interactive spiritual book of ancient wisdom. Each card is a door to information that slowly reveals itself to you over time.

It takes the same qualities to be an artist that it takes to read Tarot: openness, intuition, an understanding of symbols, and general visual literacy. The images on the cards show a fluid landscape of symbols and universal archetypes that are surprisingly modern and timeless in their import. The Tarot is us: it is the seeker and the sage, the answer and the question, the quest and the Grail, all at the same time.

The Tarot asks the same existential and universal questions that mankind has asked since the beginning of time: What is out there beyond our senses? How can we access our true creative power? And how can we understand, align, and create with the forces in our lives?

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

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