Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: the Centrifuge

It is astounding the way that energy is manifesting now in the physical. The political environment has taken on the rage and anger of the masses. We must hold our energy and vision as the “war of polarity” wages.

We are watching the breakdown which precedes the eventual dis-Soul-tion of the old matrix. The Matrix is built on fear, and as it breaks down, the repressed voices of fear-based energies are expressing themselves.

As this voice in the collective felt suppressed in the last 100 years, it has festered like a boil. Any physician knows that wounds cannot be left under the surface, they must be opened in order to heal.

At the start of 2012, all the energies on Earth were suddenly released. The “good, the bad, and the ugly:” all in the same space: it was the Wild West of energy. These last few years have been the years of conscious choice for us in the First Wave: the choice was and is between Love and Fear, between that which produces more connection or that which produces more separation. We were training, so to speak, for the eventual separation of worlds. We had to “vote” consistently for more connection and for the energy of Love. We used love to build the new Eden. As I explain in the new book, The Avatars of Eden, the reality of Eden is a frequency, and it is our destiny.

As energetically sensitive individuals, we are constantly battered by the energies of hatred and separation that surround us. This is the collective. They have a beef with everything: they realize that they have been duped and are angry. Despite all appearances, this anger has a purpose: it is going to split the collective into two camps: those who choose to believe in “power over” and those who are internally powered. This is the difference between an immature spirit who blames others for his condition and a mature individual who takes responsibility and moves into a vibration of their choice.

Up until now, the First Wave had to use empathy as a tool for survival in the Matrix. We were placed on this planet to understand what the average person in a limited reality experiences, as a higher vibrational being cannot experience fear-based emotions. We developed empathy as a way to fit in. Empathy allowed us to resonate at the lower level of fear in order to understand how hard fear is to “overcome.” But you can never actually overcome fear. It is an energy that has to be transmuted. And this is what we in the First Wave have been doing all these years: transmuting fear through the very cells of our body into a higher vibration, that of unconditional love. But the time for that is over. We no longer have to engage in empathy. It is very important now that our energy be self-contained, and no longer resonating at the level of fear.

Some of you may be worried that some of your loved ones might not make it to the new vibrational reality, but, for anyone in the collective—those not in the First Wave—this decision cannot be made at the level of a fear-based ego, instead it has already been made at the Soul level, perhaps before they ever incarnated on Earth. True change happens at the energetic level, far before it manifests in the material. Trying to change the material world is like trying to divert a river or waterfall at the bottom where it is most powerful. Instead, to be effective, it is better to work far upstream; when it is a mere trickle, the direction of the river is very easy to change. Thus, we have been called—or rather forced by circumstances—to work in the field of energy, often without any discernable results, for many years.

As the energy from the great central sun bathes the planet in higher energy, we will see more and more separation and polarity. The collective wants high drama, a battle between the forces of good and evil. At a higher level everything is perfect; as evil cannot exist except in a polarized reality. The struggle on the planet right now is not between the cabal and the people, between Democrat and Republican, or even between light and dark. The struggle we are witnessing is the death-throes of the wounded ego—it will struggle as long as it is in fear, for the ego fears for itself and will battle to the death against anything that challenges its supremacy and its survival. For the ego, every battle is a matter of life and death. But make no mistake: the ego must not die; instead, it must be transformed—healed—by love.

Love includes, fear excludes. Love heals, fear wounds. The ego has been told that it lives on a survival-based reality, a dog-eat-dog world, and, in that state, it fears even love. The ego desires union with the whole Self, but it is afraid—it has only known fear for the entirety of its existence.

In the tarot, this amazing transformation of the ego is pictured in the Strength card when the Higher Self descends into the body as the subconscious and mental body open up to receive the higher vibrational reality of love. The following is a quote from the book The Tarot Key, Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul:

* * *


The Strength Card #8 of the Major Arcana

The LION in this card represents the fear-based ego; a consciousness that is based upon a false idea of separation. As long as your limiting beliefs and fear place you outside the light of LOVE, you cannot be healed through LOVE. The conscious individual has learned how to choose his thoughts and emotions — he chooses his vibrational frequency. Once his emotions are conscious and his thoughts are no longer hidden from himself, he has achieved personal power — enlightenment.

The ego was gravely wounded at the moment of incarnation; the moment when the individual became a separate awareness in a body on Earth. The LION as a separate ego has had to endure and survive a harsh existence, outside of LOVE. Even though he has made himself king of all the animals, nothing in the world of the mind or body can satisfy his eternal hunger and thirst; he is never fulfilled and is always wanting.

As the lion cries out from the pain of his Incarnation Wound, a beautiful WOMAN comes to him, unafraid. At first, the LION responds by roaring louder. Does she not know he is the king of the Earth, and that he could kill her with one swipe of his huge paw? Then he hears her angelic voice — tones of such ethereal beauty that he lays down at her feet. She reaches down and gently closes his mouth — suddenly he is no longer hungry: his stomach is magically full. He has no needs, hunger, or desires. The roses from around her waist fall gently on him as she looks tenderly at him. He licks her hand in love, surrender, and adoration.

…The healed ego no longer has a need for superficial, material things, as it was only a way to fill the hole left by the pain of separation from his Higher Self. The LION will then lie down with the lamb; the ego no longer needs to conquer or dominate once he has the only thing that he has ever needed: LOVE. 

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul, copyright 2015, Aliyah Marr

* * *

Our job description has changed: no longer do we have to transmute the fear of the collective. We do not have to take this energy into our bodies, nor do we have to experience the emotions of the collective ego of mankind. Instead, it is time to remember our original vibration, and close our energy fields to outside influences. This is a matter of personal integrity: we have to hold a higher energy now. We can observe but no longer participate in the downward spiral of lower consciousness. That means no more empathy, as empathy requires that we resonate at a lower level and participate with unconscious emotions. You may choose to observe and exercise compassion, but that is a higher, detached feeling, one that allows others to choose their own path, even if it is one that you would not take. This is the experience of respect, one of the three essential principles of higher consciousness as experienced in a material plane.

We are experiencing the splitting of worlds. Higher and lower frequencies cannot co-exist for much longer in the same space, creating dissonance and chaos. Chaos and breakdown always precede great creative action, and we are here to hold higher energy while dispassionately observing the exit of the old Matrix. In a way, the chaos resembles a vortex of energy, which spins like a centrifuge:

A centrifuge is a laboratory device that is used for the separation of fluids, gas or liquid, based on density. Separation is achieved by spinning a vessel containing material at high speed; the centrifugal force pushes heavier materials to the outside of the vessel.

As our world spins faster and faster, the heavier, denser elements separate, and spin off. We hold the higher energy—we represent the lighter elements; and we remain with the Earth, as it transforms into the New Eden.

If you wish to hold the higher energy without being negatively affected by the descending frequencies, I offer you the following meditation:


Imagine your personal energy field as a tube torus, a shape that looks like a huge doughnut. The central tube to the torus runs through your spine and the outer rim of the torus expands above your head and around your body. Run energy by breathing in from your perineal—the very base and center of your torso—up through your spine. Pause briefly when you reach the level of your shoulder blades and continue your breath up over your head. Then exhale, allowing your breath to fall over the outside of your toroidal field like a waterfall, breathing it back in as you breathe in once again. 

See your entire aura as a pure energy field. No negative emotions or distracting thoughts can enter. All lower energy thought forms or emotions are bounced right off your field. You can imagine this field as a spinning field that spins off all density like a whirling centrifuge. 

Now imagine all the things that belong in your field, in your life: love, peace, harmony, empowerment, joy, well-being, fulfillment, and prosperity. Welcome these energies in your field and hold them with you. As you imagine your personal Eden, you can now sum all these qualities with a single word. I have chosen the word intent for its magical effect, but you can choose any word that you want.

As you go through your day, remember to repeat the word intent as many times as possible. You are creating your personal Eden as you use that word and you are setting your intent at the same time. Your energy is complete and you are no longer influenced by the negative experiences, thoughts and emotions of the collective.


Copyright 2016
The Avatars of Eden: Bringing Heaven to Earth

The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

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4 thoughts on “Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: the Centrifuge

  1. Do I bring myself lower vibration?
    By living in the heart negativity?
    I simply cannot give up on young closed minds.
    I need a different approach.
    Thank you


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